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Order dateSupplierPrice per litre
4th January, 2021JOE Energy30.9p
30th November, 2020Tate Oil29.40p
26th October, 2020JOE Energy24.20p
28th September, 2020BATA24.70p
6th July, 2020BATA26.3p
11th May, 2020BATA18.3p
6th April, 2020Tate Oil25.75p
2nd March, 2020BATA37.1p
3rd February, 2020BATA37.92p
6th January, 2020BATA45.04p
25th November, 2019Oil NRG43.15p
28th October, 2019BATA43.49p
23rd September, 2019BATA46.73p
8th July, 2019Tate Oil44.3p
13th May, 2019BATA45.69p
1st April, 2019BATA43.9p
4th March, 2019BATA43.68p
4th February, 2019BATA44.23p
7th January, 2019BATA42.3p
10th December, 2018Tate Oil48.8p
5th November, 2018BATA49.43p
24th September, 2018Tate Oil49.98p
9th July, 2018BATA47.55p
14th May, 2018Tate Oil48.4p
2nd April, 2018BATA45.93p
Order dateSupplierPrice per litre