Welcome to the new Oswaldkirk website

Over the past few months we’ve been moving the Oswaldkirk website to new home. We’ve tried to keep most of the same things in the same place, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for then please let me know and I’ll try to help.

As with any website, it’s a set of living documents, so we’ll likely continue to move things around and re-write a little over the coming months. I hope you find the new site easy to use.


Whether you are an established resident of Oswaldkirk, or newly arrived, we hope that this website will provide information of some benefit or importance as you go about your business in this, sometimes not so quiet, corner of ‘God‘s Own County.’
Some particulars may already be familiar to you, whilst others may have remained
completely unknown – until now! This document will be incorporated into the village website and updated annually. If you feel that there is any material worthwhile including in Os-Gen in the future, please email ianhenley@btinternet.com

Ian Henley
On behalf of The Oswaldkirk Parish Meeting

This is the title of Oswaldkirk’s history book, published to worthy fanfare in 2002 and updated in early 2012 (copies are available for £5 each). A copy of the original version, if you don’t already have one, is available to peruse in the Parish Archive, along with early photographs and many other items of historical interest. It is currently located at Ledbrooke House. If you wish to consult the archive to learn more about the village and  its history, contact David Goodman on 788401.

To this day, Oswaldkirk truly is a living village, with many people actively involved in helping to generate a genuine community spirit. There are enough village events and cheery waves and conversations to make everyone feel very welcome. It is hoped that you too, will feel part of the community, however long you live here.