Village plan

Executive summary of 2014 village plan

In 2005, a Village Plan was produced (see  The following were notable successes resulting from the Village Plan:

  • The Village Plan was used many times when commenting on planning applications. In particular, it was used extensively when providing feedback on the Conservation Area Action Management Plan
  • It was also instrumental in pursuing and getting a speed limit through the Village
  • It contributed to the wealth of evidence that helped Oswaldkirk win Village of the Year in 2008
  • As a result of issues raised the Oswaldkirk Village Information Booklet was produced


Whilst the Village Plan is not a legal document, local authorities and other planning bodies recognise them.  They also provides a very important tool in highlighting the views of the Village.  As the original plan was over 8 years old, it was agreed to revisit certain aspects, namely:

  1. Village Hall
  2. Playground
  3. Footpaths
  4. Mobile phone and broadband coverage
  5. Preferred means of communication
  6. Natural environment and sustainability
  7. Policing, emergency services and local health care

A questionnaire was produced and circulated around the Village in January/February 2014.

Key results are as follows:  

Response rate – 105 questionnaires were distributed of which 45 were returned. This represents a response rate of approximately 43%.

Village Hall – The responses to the questionnaire give a clear indication that improvements are necessary, in particular to the kitchen, storage, tables and chairs and to the windows.

Playground – The responses indicated the need to consider the possibility of incorporating both adult and child play facilities into the current playground.

Footpaths – Various comments were passed regarding general maintenance and improving views from footpaths.  There were many expressions of interest in developing a network of footpaths from Oswaldkirk to neighbouring villages.  As a result, a small group will be formed to progress this issue.

 Mobile phone and broadband – Oswaldkirk Parish Meeting should consider the comments passed (e.g. a willingness from some respondents to pay for an improved broadband connection) if/when any planning issues or proposal regarding improving mobile phone reception and/or broadband reception are received.

Preferred means of communication – The Parish Meeting should consider the development of a monthly on-line newsletter, archiving information on the website and focusing the website on day-today activity.  It is also proposed that Oswaldkirk Parish Meeting communicate their role in decision-making.

Natural environment and sustainability – General themes coming out of the questionnaire were as follows:

  1. Concern regarding the management of Chestnut Bank
  2. Maintenance of the verge between Oswaldkirk and Ampleforth so that it could be used as a footpath
  3. Attractiveness of the entrances to the village
  4. Speeding traffic
  5. State of roads and drains
  6. Retention/removal of trees
  7. Maintenance/non-maintenance of hedgerows

Policing, emergency services and local health care – The results indicate excellent awareness of both the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and the First Responders Scheme. It is, therefore important that this awareness is maintained.

Village Plan Steering Committee – Pat Thompson, Roger Dexter-Smith, Eric Dunstone, David Goodman, Del Jenkins, Caroline O’Neill and Mark Clook

You can download a full version of the village plan.