Our motto: ‘Enjoy a chat and a drink and return home having learned something we didn’t know before.’

We are a group of women from the village of Oswaldkirk, who usually meet on the third Monday of the month, during winter months, starting at 7.30 pm. We have chosen to meet at the Village Hall this year, as it is a Covid secure environment, there is a bar and heating. There is plenty of space, so we can all spread out.

OWLS stands for Oswaldkirk Women’s League and is based on the National Women’s Register principles for like-minded women to meet and discuss a theme or topic.

Participation is voluntary and we usually have at least 6-10 contributions of ten minutes informal presentation’ on your own view of the topic. Previous topics have been as diverse as the colour Yellow, Water, China, Rivers of Ryedale, to Famous Women or our own heroines. There is usually lively discussion and time for questions after each person’s contribution.

We do not have a formal speaker.

It is an opportunity to get together and meet new and old friends from the village.

The proposed dates for this winter season 2023/4 are


  • November 20th: Black
  • December 18th: Christmas Party


  • January 15th: A County in UK
  • February 19th: Origins of a garden plant
  • March 18th: Guess the Year
  • April 15th: India
  • May 20th: Lakes
  • June 17th: Poetry
  • July and August: No Meetings OWLS on HOLIDAY

For more information, please contact Rhona on 788140 or Sue Aherne on 787022

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