How it works

1. Every two months (more frequently in winter), we send you an email to ask if you need domestic heating oil (28 sec kerosene). The minimum order is 500 litres. To submit your order you need first to login as a member.

2. Once all the orders are in, we contact up to five local oil suppliers and negotiate the most competitive price we can get. We always do well because we order in bulk and the supplier saves on delivery costs.

3. When the negotiations are complete we send the supplier your contact details together with those of every member who is ordering oil on that occasion. We’ll publish the supplier and price on the website, under the My past orders link, by the Thursday after the closing date.

4. Once the delivery has been made, you pay the supplier direct (strictly within seven days of delivery). If you have an Aga you might want to order an additive as well, but it is up to you to order it from the supplier. You should take up any queries about specific delivery times or payment directly with the supplier.